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    (SPEC AD) Banner Ads for Bayer Aspirin On-the-Go Bottles


  • The target audience is professional men and women ages 35–50, household income 75k+, always on the go, facing a lot of stress on a daily basis which is often manifested by way of headaches. Bayer On-the-Go bottles are smaller sized and with easier to open lids, allowing adults easy access without taking time out of their days.

  • Customers should click the banner ad to visit the Bayer On-the-Go page 

  • Consumers should learn about stress and headache prevention, free shipping, buy the meds

  • Ad is designed to increase awareness and revenue of Bayer On-the-Go 

  • Deliverables:  One dynamic banner ad: a loop of three frames 

  • Mandatory: button/link to 


(Design & Copy by Jackie Dunn)

(Designed by Graphic Designer Vedanshu Sharma)

    (SPEC AD) Banner Ad for The New Yorker Magazine (digital subscription)


  • Target audience: professional men and women, 35–50, income 75k+, tech-savvy, interested in current affairs, politics, arts. Not current subscribers.

  • Should click banner ad and subscribe to digital-only format 

  • Benefit: read the digital magazine anywhere, any time on any device 

  • Ad designed to increase digital-only subscription base.

  • Deliverables:  One dynamic banner ad: Loop of three frames

  • Mandatory: button/link takes them to The New Yorker digital-only subscription page

(Design & Copy by Jackie Dunn)

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