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(Design & Copy by Jackie Dunn)

    (SPEC AD) : Magazine Ad for a new edition of Tim Ferriss’ book The 4- Hour Workweek (real book, fake edition)


  • Target audience: Men and women, 24–40. Well-educated, interested in travel, entrepreneurship and flexible jobs. They may or may not have already purchased an edition of this book. New version updated to include more case studies of people who have traded in the 9 to 5 lifestyle for more autonomy and new resources for setting up websites, manufacturing products, reaching audiences, and outsourcing work

  • Customers should purchase the newest edition

  • Benefit: Access to all new and updated content—well worth the purchase. The benefit of the book as a whole (all of the info to design their own lifestyle) for new readers and emphasis on new elements for buyers of the initial book

  • Ad designed to drive sales for the newest edition of this book.

  • The tone is promotional, Inspiring, Informative

  • Deliverables: One single-page, full-color glossy magazine ad—for men’s, business, and news magazines

  • Requirements:  Must show the cover of the book and convey the brand-new edition. Image of Tim Ferriss. Convey availability online and in stores.

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