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8 Reasons Why Hiring a Copywriter for Your Business is a No-Brainer

Look, as a business owner, your time is valuable. You don’t want to waste time learning how to write for your brand.

If you don’t know what a “brand” is, you should hire a good copywriter to help with that.

Any investment in your business is vital to its growth and success.

Marketing your brand is one of the main pillars of growth. If you don’t know that by now… well, you’re welcome.

A large part of marketing is creating brand awareness to attract prospective customers.

And how is this done? I’ll tell you how…. Through copywriting.

A versed copywriter can take a deep dive into the heart of your business and write in your brand voice.

They use storytelling to connect with your readers emotionally. So, it’s not like a copywriter is a regular “writer”, not even a “content writer” (though important).

It’s not a few hundred words clickety-clicked onto a google doc. It takes extensive research to find out who your audience actually is.

A professional copywriter researches your audience's pain points. They find out the things your client loves. They'll uncover other products your prospects have already tried. And what your competitors are doing.

But… I digress.

I mentioned there were 8 (possible) reasons why hiring a copywriter is a no-brainer:

  1. TIME - You can't perform extensive marketing research, brainstorming, writing, and editing. You'd be sacrificing the time you actually need to run your business.

  2. SKILL - Writing isn’t copywriting. Copywriting involves the craft of persuading and engaging. Extensive knowledge and skills required in psychology and the latest marketing skills.

  3. WEBSITE - It's fair to say that your website is the "neon sign" representing your company. It only makes sense that your website should stand out among your competitors.

  4. CONTENT - Today’s marketing trends call for inspirational, educational, and entertaining content. Keeping your audience engaged and interested is key. They’ll follow you, trust you and remain loyal if you can build that connection. You’ll want a blog or regular newsletter.

  5. GROWTH - When hiring, you’ll want your website to be professional and attractive to get the right people on board.

  6. SOCIAL PROOF - I bet you didn’t know that copywriters also write case studies for social proof. What’s that? They'll research and interview your current clients. And they will get the goods on why your customers love your product or service.

  7. BRAND VOICE - So, you have a fab logo. If there’s no substance, no story or voice behind that, it won’t do you any good. A fitting brand voice defines the meaning behind your logo. (Think Apple or Nike.)

  8. SOLUTIONS - A copywriter turns features into benefits and products into solutions. Businesses tend to sell their products and their features. They talk about what a great company they are when they should focus on solving the client’s problem.

So, you see, a copywriter isn’t some “writing person” that will “write some words”.

There is SO much more to them.

Copywriters are also marketing experts and strategists that see the big picture. They have the knowledge and skills to convert your leads quicker. Realistically, you would never have the time for that.

It’s, truthfully, the best investment you’ll ever make.

If you’re a business owner struggling to put your brand out there and get the leads you want, let’s chat. I can help.

I’m taking on new clients as of October.

Have questions/concerns about hiring a copywriter?

DM me on social media (see below) or

Email me at for a free 20-minute zoom call to see if we’re a good fit for each other.





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