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Are you a freelancer panicking about the looming recession?

Worried that you might be out of work?

Don’t panic just yet. Keep your focus on what you have in this minute. 😱

Don’t let that mindset that you’ve been working so hard on, vanish as if it never existed.

Now I’m not sure how this pertains to other freelancers out there, but specifically copywriters…

Do you remember how it was for you in the pandemic? 😷

A lot of copywriters used this opportunity to become more diligent in finding work…and guess what…

They found more than they could handle!

In fact, 2020 and 2021 were apparently the most profitable years they’ve EVER had. 🤑

We are resilient and we can survive and even thrive on this.

The key is:

✅ Don’t drop the ball on looking for opportunities everywhere.

✅ Just because you have a few retainers that have you booked for awhile, don’t stop searching…

✅ Maybe dabble in other areas like affiliate marketing, investments

✅ Check trends where copywriters are desperately needed

✅ Learn a new niche

✅ Ask for referrals from clients or other copywriters

✅ Start writing various types of content, like articles, blogs, social media captions or video scripts

✅ See if you might want to share your skills in an online course

✅ Maybe start a podcast if you think you might be into that

There are so many things you can come up with.

Trust yourself, trust that the universe has your back. ✨


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