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Dear “Coaches” - Do You Have Any Idea What You’re Doing??

Now, this may sound like a provocation, but hear me out.

I don’t care what kind of coach you are, whether executive, life, holistic, or transformational…

I don’t care how much experience you have or how long you’ve been in business…

Because, here’s the thing…

YOU are making an ENORMOUS IMPACT!

These past few years, maybe even since 2014 (but, let’s not go there), have been some of the most grueling, stressful, and abominable years of our lives.

And not in a good way. 😩

And, EVERYONE, has been impacted TREMENDOUSLY, no matter what age, gender, mental or physical state… whether children, students, employees, stay-at-home moms or entrepreneurs…

Feeling depressed, anxious, helpless…

We, as a society, as humans (and animals) have been affected in a COLOSSAL way ❗️ ❗️

People who were already struggling BEFORE the pandemic with various severe mental issues have had their problems MAGNIFIED.

Many of which are still suffering immensely.

Unfortunately, many couldn’t handle this change, and their demise was tragic. 😥

What I am getting at is…

I am SO GRATEFUL for anyone that calls themselves “COACH” or is active in some other personal development realm. 🙏🙏🙏

What you are doing or learning to do, is SO POWERFUL RIGHT, especially NOW! 💪

While the world is STILL feeling the effects of the pandemic, the beginning of this year brought on an additional (& seriously unfathomable) burden of a war that is affecting the WORLD in a very alarming way! 🌍

These events are causing massive amounts of people to seek therapy.

Everyone knows therapists were generally hard to come by BEFORE this mess!

For this reason….

I have SO MUCH GRATITUDE for anyone that wants to call themselves a coach.

Not necessarily to earn a crap-ton of money, but to put your footprint out in the world 👣

to HELP & SERVE other human beings! ❤️

Because… isn’t THAT what it’s all about??

Some of these events have brought parts of the world together and torn others apart. 😟

Unfortunately, that is not something we have control over. BUT…

What we CAN control is how we SHOW UP in the world!

MY way of showing up, is to help YOU SHOW UP!

By gifting you my services in the form of marketing strategy and copywriting, I want to make your brand known!


  • The more coaches I can help with their business, the more people can be served.

  • The more people can learn to better cope in this world of chaos.

  • The more successful entrepreneurs become, the more it ENABLES them to make a profound difference. ⚡️

This is a beautiful DOMINO EFFECT. 💓✨

And I, as are all of you, can play an INVALUABLE ROLE in TRANSFORMING the world. 💯

CHANGE YOURSELF, CHANGE THE WORLD! 🌍 If you are any kind of coach and strive to make a MONUMENTAL impact (like me)...

Let’s embark on this transformational journey together! 👇🏻

DM me by all means, or we can set up a casual coffee chat!

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