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How To Turn HONEST SELLING Into Success With Authentic Copywriting

We have all seen it.

That slimy, douchey copy on websites, in emails, on social media and sales pages.

Now in the old days, this method of copywriting, using clickbait and outright lies to sell your product, may have worked. Initially.

All I know is that when I see this kind of dishonest, low-life writing, it turns me off.

Like completely OFF!

I am one of those copywriters who want to rid the internet of this B.S. fake news propaganda business. Grant you, I’m not a journalist, but if I were…

My stance would be the same. No. Douchey. Copy.

I mean, what is the point? Someone sees an interesting headline that makes them want to open their email. They realize in seconds they have just been misled and lied to. They are completely disappointed, if not totally pissed off.

You have lied to them and wasted their time. They mark you as junk/spam.

They don’t buy.

They also tell their friends not to buy. So, while your open rate might be good, your conversions? Down the drain.

When we write a captivating headline, it should be authentic, real and honest. It should deliver what it promised. I.e. “10 great places to see in Bali”. They don’t want to buy your suitcase or your travel package, if they do not get that list of 10 great destinations to see in Bali, right?

Most business owners want to be profitable. But many of them do not like “selling”. Because, due to the sales practices of the last decades, selling (and marketing /advertising) has gotten a really bad rap.

But, as humans, we have bartered since the beginning of time. Sure, back then there were lots of shady people too. But, it doesn’t need to be like that.

You have a product or service that you want to sell as a solution to your customer’s problem. Correct? If you don’t, then YOU have got a problem.

So, in order to solve this problem, you need to find out what their issues are. Their pain points, so to speak. A copywriter goes way deep down into this kind of rabbit hole of brainstorming and researching to pinpoint just that.

The real problem. They don’t just scratch the surface, either.

They will want to know what gender, age, hair color, demographic, salary, marital/family status, hobbies, pets, jobs this person or people have. How they think, what they think and especially, what they have to say on the internet. With specificity.

You try to sell to everyone…. You sell to no one. True story.

Do you realize how much research needs to be done before a copywriter hits one key of one word of copy? About 85-90% of time a copywriter will spend, is on research. That is why it’s a slap in the face when clients offer to pay you a per word rate.

That would mean you took hours, sometimes days, to research a topic for free?

No. Way. That’s not how this works. Copy is more precious than businesses realize.

Copy is clear, concise, honest, authentic, and it serves a purpose. The purpose of persuading your audience to buy something from you. That is why it’s so powerful. Much more so than blogs and articles.

Blog articles are good for entertaining and getting information about your product to your audience. It’s also great for SEO and generating backlinks to your website.

These links refer them to the website that has your honest solution to their problems. And a good copywriter can guide them through the process of getting informed, killing objections and calling them to action.

Copy power. Is what that is.

But, I digress. We were discussing honesty and authenticity.

As a business owner, you want to have a good feeling about providing your product or services as a good solution for your audience’s problem. Right? I can see you nodding.

So, when hiring or interviewing a copywriting professional, you should ask them how much attention they pay to facts and authenticity (not talking about plagiarism.. well, that too, obviously).

As a copywriter, I feel it’s just my job to make sure that your customer will get their issue solved by purchasing your product.

And it’s my job to make sure that your business and marketing strategies are aligned with that. It’s simply in everyone’s best interest to keep it honest.

I also feel it’s my job to help you grow as a business and am proud to do that by providing you with my professional copywriting services.

Honesty is simply the best way to sell. Your customers will be happy, they will trust you and keep returning. And even better, they’ll spread the word and bring you more profits.

So… if you are looking for someone to work with you on your website, sales page, emails, ads, etc., and you want to be forthright about writing your copy, I will gladly work with you.

Because that’s just how I roll.

On this note, have a happy Monday and a wonderful week.

Signing off…


P.S. Please show Ukraine your support in any way you can.

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