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The Challenges New “Coaches” Face

So, you want to be a coach.

You’ve taken all kinds of seminars and training. You’ve paid a ton of money for said seminars

Maybe you’ve coached a few friends or relatives. You’re ready to take on the world. But…

How do you get clients? Where to look?

What audience will you be speaking to?

First thing’s first….

You need to get specific about your niche.

That’s right.

There are plenty of “Life Coaches” around, but is there anyone specific they speak to?

A Dating/Relationship Coach‌ might speak only to people having a hard time dating or staying in relationships.

A Dating Coach for Women gets even more specific - (usually) single women looking to attract the attention of a valuable partner. Instead of, say, the losers they are used to from Tinder. ;-)

You get my point.

Then you need to figure out, what’s your offer? Will you be doing one-on-ones by the hour?

Will you be offering an entire program that contains everything from live calls with a specific number of attendees to pre-recorded videos, e-books, worksheets, bonuses?

Once you have that figured out - your specific niche, the type of client and your matching offer, you’re ready to move to the next step.

What’s missing?

Marketing… networking and word of mouth is a big part of this process to get clients.

As for internet marketing or online-marketing, whatever you want to call it…

You’ll need an expert.

Someone that will relay your offer in a persuasive and tailored way for a sales funnel, for example, to market your services.

That could like something like this…

  • Ads either on Google, LinkedIn or Facebook / or organic posts (free)

  • These ads point your prospects to a lead magnet (a free gift/bonus of “real” value)

  • This lead magnet needs a landing page, which collects emails for the free “doodad”

  • Hence, you can start sending nurturing emails

  • The email marketing sequence is born, which speaks specifically to your prospect and their problem. And once you have their attention and they understand their problem… enter the CTA to…

  • Pivot to your compelling sales page with another CTA selling your more high-value service

A well-written sales page can immensely boost your sales. Now, usually, you can expect to gain about 2 customers out of every 100 visitors. A lot of sites have far less than that.

There are several ways to increase that number, but to name a few:

  • Hire a good copywriter for all of your copywriting needs.

  • If that copywriter is also a strategist, then even better!

  • Consider pop-ups for your website and a strong CTA (call to action)

  • Make sure your website is clean from distractions and copy is clear/concise

  • Consider social media platforms aside from LinkedIn, like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to look for clients

  • Hire a content writer to schedule regular content on said platforms

Hiring a copywriter makes your life easier.

A copywriter will free up your time so you can take care of what matters most. Your business.

My job is to figure out (with you) to whom exactly it is you need to be directing your message.

And if you say “to all”… it’ll turn out to be “to no one”. Trust me.

It’s not as simple as it may sound. In fact, researching your specific avatar takes a lot of time.

As a business owner. You don’t have a lot of time.

I’m here to take that off your plate.

Why is it so crucial?

Because that potential person wants to have the feeling that you are talking about their specific problem and offering a great solution to fix it in the best way. At the risk of repeating the word “specific”...

That’s what it comes down to. Specificity.

It’s that 45-year-old mom, kids have left the nest, who’s decided she wants more out of life and is pivoting from motherhood to starting her own business and needs help to figure out her goals and her mindset.

Or it’s 30-year old guy, successful in his career so far, but wants to find the woman of his dreams. In the past, his “dating career” has ‌literally sucked.

He needs guidance with his mindset and his behavior on dates, for instance. So, show those instances that are relatable to someone like that and it will speak directly to THIS GUY.

If you want to get your coaching business going and get on the right track from the start, there is certainly a lot of planning involved.

A lot of that planning involves marketing, which takes a lot of time.

DUNN Copywriting, that’s me by the way… doesn’t just provide you with valuable copy to attract your perfect clients, but I sit down with you and I help you figure out the best strategy for your business.

This saves you time and a lot of headaches.

And here’s the thing…

It’ll also make your business thrive. Sound good?

If you’re a coach, needing some direction in the way of copy and marketing, shoot me a message via and let’s chat about it. I’d love to help you out.



Check out my free guide about sales pages and how they help your business!


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