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The value of a copywriter

So, first off, there are still plenty of businesses that aren’t even sure what copywriting is! That, right there, is one disadvantage they already have among their competitors.

Copywriting has been around for quite some time and recently the demand for them has literally exploded. The pandemic has done it’s deed in helping increase this high demand as many businesses decided to shape up their online presence. As we all know, online anything has become a dominant practise of sorts during the past few years.

What is the value a copywriter can have for your business, you ask? I cannot WAIT to tell you! So, let’s start off with your entire marketing plan for your business. Do you have one in place? If so, what does it entail? Who does your writing for your emails/website/ads? Many businesses or business owners just do not have the time it takes to really dig in and come up with the proper wording to get the sale.

Copywriting, good copywriting, sells your service or product. It speaks… to your audience. To their emotions. It satisfies their need for what you are offering. Bottom line: it increases your sales and measurably at that.

Do you have time to do surveys and conduct the research necessary to be able to speak to the emotions of your clients? Well, that’s what a copywriter’s job is. Imagine the amount of time you’d be saving doing hours upon hours of research!

Your content should be SEO-friendly and include keywords, blog posts, web pages, headlines, you name it. What might be pretty crucial is the ability of a professional copywriter to see a much-needed outside perspective on your company.

Do you know your company’s brand voice? Do you know what a brand voice is? You can bet your sweet copy that a pro will know and can help you define and perfect it. Your brand is then reflected in every marketing aspect of your business, so your audience will know exactly who is meant when they read your sales page or sales newsletter. This makes your company unique and really stand out!

There are so many reasons why a copywriter is a great idea for your business. But, I will stop right here so as not to overwhelm and indulge you more on another blog day!

Ready to get yourself a copywriter now? Check out my website at We can hop on a call, no strings attached. A first free discovery call to see where you’re at and what you need. I’d love to hear from you!

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