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Why Email Marketing is Still One of the Best Tools Ever!

Back in the day, consumers could still be swayed by copy & pasted, templated, inauthentic marketing emails in their email inboxes. 😍

But, TODAY’s prospects will see RIGHT THROUGH this tactic…👀

They’ve gotten a lot smarter!

Obviously, this NOT the right way to attract more leads or keep them loyal.

Your brand needs to stand out - be authentic, inspiring, unique and ethical. ⚡️

Ethical? - Sure! Your emails should be honest and your solution (product) should help solve a problem.

You need to truly engage your customers and show the value of your brand… and be unpredictable.

By the way, this is something that AI cannot possibly replace. These hand-crafted emotion-evoking emails are something that only humans (to date) can create.

Because - we possess human empathy. ❤️

Not only does empathy play an important role, but email marketing still works when the rest of the world falls apart, like when social media crashes.

A copywriter who has mastered the art of email marketing, not only writes great copy, but they implement an entire marketing strategy, even campaigns.

⚡️ These are the types of skills that can push your conversion rates like you have never seen before.

According to the Data and Marketing Association (2021), email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels - $42 back for every dollar spent.

Now, if that isn't promising! 👍🏻

I know what you’re thinking,...”I’m going to annoy them and scare them away.”

Here’s the thing…

If your emails are written in a way that -

⚡️ Speaks directly to the customer’s problem

⚡️ Offers a specific solution to said problem

⚡️ Empathizes authentically with them

⚡️ Nurtures the relationship and slowly moves them along with a CTA

⚡️ Engages them with story-telling

⚡️ Kills any (and I mean all) objections they might have upfront

⚡️ Offers the safety of reassurance (60-day return policy, etc)

⚡️ Gets rid of ALL doubt

⚡️ Has a clear call to action

Then WHAT could possibly go wrong?

These intuitive and engaging email sequences will resonate with your audience. And those are the ones that will buy and keep coming back.

Incredible email marketing can exponentially increase brand awareness, leads and profits for your business. Because...

It's cost-effective, easy to implement and it saves you time to actually RUN your business.

And, it's not a salesy or sleazy "buy-my-stuff" kind of promotion.

It's funny, emotional, entertaining, engaging, informative, helpful and persuasive.

Trust me, every business on the planet needs copywriting!

It's truly one of the best marketing investments you can make for your business.

Let's take your business to the next level!

DM/Email me for more info, either on my socials or at

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