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You Would Be Surprised at How Much an Eye-catching Sales Funnel Design Supercharges Your Profits

Wondering why your sales page has not made any money, even though you're promoting it like crazy?

You've spent weeks or maybe MONTHS trying to write the copy and design that Godforsaken sales page yourself, but it's just not working. 😣

The wasted time and effort frustrates you more than you care to admit.

What on earth could be the problem??

This could either have something to do with your design or your copy.... or both.

But, were you aware that in most cases, the reader will initially be attracted to your funnel DESIGN?

Why? Because it's the first thing they see!

  • If the colors are appealing, bright and the design "fun", they will catch your prospect's eye a lot quicker than some drab (as what you perceive to be) "business" colors.

  • Your sales funnel design has far less than a second (ONE second) to grab the attention you want it to. If you don't get THAT right.... well, screw the copy. Nobody will read it, to put it bluntly. 🕐

  • If you have an amazing design, but the copy's format, framework, or story has holes in it or is just crappy copy, you won't sell squat either.

You might be thinking... "Well, I have neither the time nor the skill to make this happen myself!"

Your next thought might be, "I don't want to have to coordinate and pay a copywriter AND a web designer." It's too much work and I may not have the budget for both. 💲

I hear you! 👂

Young businesses or start-ups sometimes just don't have the time or the resources to make these things happen. And that can feel like you're trying to run in quicksand. Not getting anywhere with your business.

But here's the thing...

If you throw together something that is,.... well, let's face it... "half-ass", it could actually HURT your profits!

And your readers will notice... the half-assity, crappily designed sales page, and it will reflect negatively on your brand. Obviously, that is not a great thing, right? NO!

Why am I telling you all this? Great question! I would ♥️ to tell you!

Several months ago, I agreed to rewrite copy and redesign the sales funnel page for a client, which she had originally made in clickfunnels. So, I created a free account and started fiddling around with the software, trying to redesign this funnel.

It was NOT as easy as I'd thought. So, I googled further to find "how" to work clickfunnels AND design a sales page with it. That's when I discovered Design Hacking Studios, by Kathryn Jones. Who is just AMAZING, btw. 🤩

Kathryn was a skilled clickfunnels sales page developer in the sense of the story, but for some reason, she wasn't making the sales she had envisioned. She started researching the high-earning competition of her clients and came to realize... her design was just not cutting it.

Frustrated, but determined, she, working with Russel Brunson, came up with this incredible design hacking program. From then on, her business of redesigning sales pages took OFF and so did her design school.

I have always L❤️VED design and was a designer in a past career. Being the creative girl that I am, I decided to invest in her extensive program that uses clickfunnels to produce visually appealing, high-earning sales funnels and web pages.

This allowed me to acquire the amazing skills needed to design AND redesign sales pages, landing pages, marketing emails, opt-in pages, order forms... and the list goes on.

Having this super skill 💪 in my repertoire, I knew that I could save business owners a LOT of headaches, time, and money... and BOOSTING profits, by providing the combined service of copy and design. Two birds with one stone, so to speak.

If you're reading this article and desperately need help getting your prospects to notice your sales page and BUY your product or service, DM, call or email me. Let me help you!

It's what I DO.

With that, I wish you a beautiful weekend of fun and relaxation. Fill that energy tank!


Smiling regards,


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