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I will help you with your most pressing issues...

Whether you'd like some copy coaching, freelancing advice or a mindset shift, come talk to me. I've got you covered.

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Mariya Sultan

Conversion Copywriter &

Marketing Strategist

"Working with you, Jackie, was a game-changer. You effectively handled all my concerns about client pitching and copywriting. You had this amazing market research framework to help me learn more about my ideal prospects. Can't wait to apply all those value-loaded strategies you shared with me."

Supriya Sundar

Conversion Copywriter &

Email List Manager

"You were very supportive, fun and laid back. You went out of your way to make me feel supported, and I left the call with so many actionable tips that I could use right away to overcome my struggles with consistency and a whole mindset shift around showing up daily without putting a lot of pressure on myself.
It's a double thumbs up from me!"

Reem Abouemera

Freelance Copywriter &

Content Writer

After our coaching session, I'm amazed at how much lighter I feel! I just wanted someone to listen, maybe to vent a bit, but you went above and beyond, truly grasping my situation. You legitimized my swirling thoughts and offered concrete solutions for everything I mentioned, which I hadn't anticipated. Now, I'm less overwhelmed and feel supported and empowered. Your ability to listen and provide real strategies has been incredibly meaningful. I appreciate the safe space you provided for full expression. Thank you for being an exceptional listener and coach.
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