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Just how vital is it for your business to have a social media presence?

I'm willing to bet that many businesses out there think they have it all covered.

Am I right? Are you sure about that?

What if you could improve your marketing strategy?

Today, more than ever, a social media presence is vital in your marketing plan.

For the past two years, the pandemic has forced more and more people to be online. It has pushed more businesses to have a better online presence, and social media has become one of the best ways to market your business.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok are some of the most popular social media platforms. And here’s the thing, people are online literally all day long. Either out of boredom, because they can’t go out, or it’s just their job to be online.

Say you are trying to promote your product. If you rely solely on a few newsletters to your email list now and again, you won’t be getting far. Now, don’t get me wrong. Email marketing is top-notch because it will still be there when all else fails.

BUT, here’s a fact you might find interesting. People are on social media an average of 142 minutes a day. That’s 142 minutes that they could find your content or advertisement. That’s what is called opportunity.

In today’s fast-paced world, with almost as many companies going online as people exist in the world, you want to get a piece of that pie and gain more traction, more customers, and generate more profits.

If you don’t have much experience with social media, hire yourself a social media manager or strategist to do it for you. Their expertise provides you with great value and takes the worry and time off your hands.

In marketing research, social media has also become a valuable resource for following consumer activities. You can research consumers’ comments to determine what they like and dislike and their desires regarding your product or service. And all this valuable information is just within reach and so easy to find.

It used to cost a fortune to post ads in magazines and newspapers. Now you can boost your social media posts for a fraction of the cost. If you are consistently posting content and providing valuable information, that can already increase your ROI. Social media ads can accelerate your ROI if you want to go further.

Do you just want to focus on running your business? Again, hire a social media manager. Not only will they keep up with your visibility, but they can also keep track of how many people are commenting on your posts, clicking those CTAs, and how many new followers you receive. It will be money spent wisely.

All you need to do is provide the social media expert with information to feed all of these outlets. They will handle the rest. They’ll even use your brand voice and tone guide as if it were you posting personally.

Another benefit of social media is connecting with your audience consistently, engaging with them, answering questions, throwing around some ideas, really listening to them.

You see, that is the key to winning and keeping your customers. Know them, know what they feel and what they desire. Solve their problem. Provide them with value. It’s all about them. And that makes YOU successful.

Have a great week!



Sources: Martin Armstrong

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