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The 5 Compelling Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Copywriter for Your Business

Are you a small or mid-level business owner or entrepreneur?

Do you feel like your marketing efforts are unstructured or just not producing the results you’d like?

Do you have a copywriter on staff, but the day-to-day workload has them in over their head with writing content, keeping up with social media, writing press releases, etc.?

You and so many other business owners find themselves in these same situations, but aren’t sure what to do about it. You struggle to get an organized marketing strategy underway, or you just don’t have the time to implement your plan. There is a way to fix that… You can:

  • Implement specific strategies for marketing

  • Develop a project plan to organize the strategies

  • Stop worrying about things getting done

  • Have free time to work on operating your business

You already know what “fix” I am talking about, but do you know all the great advantages of hiring a “freelance” copywriter / strategist?

  1. You will save money. How? Because you don’t have to pay a full-time staff member or worry about paying benefits. You can hire one based on specific projects, such as creating a sales funnel or a landing page. Or, for an entire launch.

  2. You will save time. Time, that you don’t have at your disposal. Time, you can spend running your business. The precious time, you need to take care of so many other pressing tasks. You will feel so relieved when you know there is an expert ready to support you, not only with great copy, but create that entire marketing strategy you might desperately need. The rest of your team can also concentrate on what they’re good at. A freelancer will also provide you with flexibility when you need to scale your project.

  3. Your in-house copywriter will receive some guidance. The professional freelance copywriter will have experience with certain projects that the in-house copywriter may not be familiar with. The employee (and you, in turn) benefit from the expertise the freelancer can provide. Valuable skills your copywriter can implement in your future projects. They learn hands-on skills, and you don’t have to pay additional money to get them trained. You kill two birds with one stone. Your project will be in excellent hands, driving the results you are looking for, and your employee will provide you with even more value in the future.

  4. Temporary expertise for temporary projects. If you have short-term, even long-term projects, but don’t have an in-house employee, a freelance copywriter is a great option. If you aren’t in need of ongoing copy, because you only have specific dated projects, there is no need to hire an on-staff copywriter. Should it turn into a longer-term project, you can always hire a freelance copywriter on retainer for a certain period.

  5. You, yourself, might be biased. Meaning… you are just too close for comfort, too close to your business. This might cause you not being able to truly identify the needs of your customers. It takes a lot of research to find out exactly to whom your copy should be speaking. A professional knows how to conduct the proper, detailed research and carve out an optimal customer avatar to connect with. Research is about 90% of what copywriters do. Then they use this information to write copy that will connect to your target audience to increase your ROI like you never imagined.

The next time you think you might need to open a position for a staff copywriter, think about whether it’s feasible for your business. Even if it is, you can still consider a freelancer, when your marketing strategy doesn’t provide the results you were hoping for. They get it. They can see the big picture. If you want to know more about what else a freelance copywriter can do for you, drop me an email or DM me anytime. Let’s chat.

Hope you have a wonderful start to the new week! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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